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We have been repeatedly selected as translation suppliers for the HP ACG (Application and Content Globalization) group over the past 30 years. We provide HP with translation from English into Portuguese and Spanish of technical, marketing and legal documents on IT-related subjects, from consumer hardware to corporate software and network solutions. For years now, we have been translating an average of 500,000 words per month for HP alone (over 500 translation jobs each month). Recently, HP has split into three different organizations, and all of them continue to work with us through the ACG.

As for our translation-agency partners, we do translations for them on a wide range of subjects, including mechanics, finances, IT, marcom, legal, institutional corporate communications, ethics, fashion, luxury products, medical equipment, pharmacology, etc. Over the last years we have translated an average of 200,000 words/month for translation agencies.


Every translation at our company undergoes revision by a second professional. Nevertheless, our 30 years of experience has shown us that the most important element regarding quality assurance is the choice of professionals. If you have high-quality professionals, the final quality will be outstanding and the overall cost of the work will be predictable. If your text is translated by a bad translator, you will have to redo the work, the final quality will probably not be the best possible, and your costs will soar. Bearing that in mind, our QA efforts give priority to our recruitment procedures.

Translators are required to be native speakers of the target languages they translate into. The first step to becoming a translator for our company is to take a translation test, comprising a mix of the specific subject matter the translator is applying for as well as a text using marketing language, for only excellent translators are able to cope with marketing translation. Having been approved in the test, the translator acquires the status of beginner, receiving only small projects. Following the standard procedure, jobs coming from beginners are reviewed by the editor. If the quality is good, the translator remains on the team. If not, the job is corrected by the editor and the translator is eliminated. If the translator proves to be reliable in a series of small projects, he or she is admitted as a regular professional, to whom large volume projects can be assigned.


Our standard workflow is based on SDL Studio. Following the workflow established by some of our clients, we also have QA tools, such as QA Distiller and Verifika.


We are currently in the process of deploying machine translation in order to reduce our prices for our translation agency partners. The process is:

  • Our translator performs a post-editing of the machine translation;
  • The reviewer performs a full revision.

The goal is to provide the same final quality as the traditional translation process, at a lower cost.


For any additional information, including rates, please contact:

Marcos Chiquetto (Director)


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